About Hand and Foot

Hand & Foot Massage

In a treatment Korean hand massage (which divides the hand into body zones) is used along with hand reflexology. Then I give a foot massage (I do not do foot reflexology). Both the hand and foot massage involve a variety of strokes, such as stroking, kneading and friction.

Benefits of Hand & Foot Massage

The benefits vary from person to person, but can include:
- helps to reduce stress
- aids relaxation of both mind and body
- helps insomnia
- increases oxygen and circulation to hands, arms, feet and legs
- helps to reduce stiffness
these are just some of the benefits

Fees and contact

Hand & Foot massage 20 for 50 mins
Hand massage 15 for 20 mins
on 2nd Thursday of each month, 1 - 5pm

Please call to book
Elaine, 07859 921733
or Anahata Clinic, 01273 698687

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