About LOW COST therapies

Low Cost therapies: weekly

We offer specialised Low Cost Clinics on particular days: affordable healthcare for everyone!!
Phone now for more information, or to make a booking 01273 698687

Natural Health

- Acupuncture every Tue, Wed and Thu: 9am - 8pm
25 first one-to-one session, then 20 (before 5pm), 23 (after 5pm) in multi-bed.

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- Osteopathy every Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri: 25/session

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- Anxiety Relief monthly: Thursday 25 June, 11am - 5pm: 25/session

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- Chinese Herbal medicine every Tue, 25/session
- Ayurvedic medicine every Mon, 35/first session, 1.5hrs; then 25/follow up
- Nutrition monthly on a Mon, 25/session
- Kinesiology monthly Saturdays, 25/session
- Homeopathy every Fri, 25/first session, then 20/follow up
- Psoriasis and Eczema Clinic every Fri, 40/month inc initial 1hr, 30min follow up, cream and herbal tincture
- Alexander Technique every Mon, 25/session

Energy Healing

- Reiki every Mon, 20/session
- Crystal Healing every Mon, 25/session
- Chakra Balancing every Mon, 25/session
- Metamorphic Technique every Mon, 25/session
- Pelvic Alignment every Mon, 25/session
- Vibrational Healing (includes a medical/personal history, dowsing for remedies, EFT and finishing the session with a chakra balancing) on Tues, 30 for 1.5hr session
- Vortex Healing every Fri, 25/session
- Intuitive Card Readings every Mon, 25/session

Talking Therapies

- Counselling every Wed, 25/hr for first 6 sessions
- Sedona Method 25/session, 2nd Mon each month

Massage Styles

- Pregnancy Massage every Mon and Fri, 35/1.5 hour session
- Aromatherapy Massage every Wed, Thurs and Fri, 25/session
- Thai Yoga Massage every Mon, 25/session
- Shiatsu every Thu, 22/session
- Therapeutic Massage every Mon, Thurs and Fri, 22/session
- Deep Tissue massage every Mon,Thurs and Fri, 22/session
- Sports Massage every Thu and Fri, 22/session
- Indian Head Massage every Mon, Tue and Thurs and Fri 20/session
- Reflexology every Wed, Thurs and Fri, 22/session
- Thai Foot Massage every Mon, 20/session
- Ayurvedic Foot Massage every Thurs, 20/session
- Ayurvedic Head Massage every Thurs, 20/session
- Ayurvedic Full Body Massage every Fri, 25/session
- Holistic Facelift massage every Mon, 20/session.

Phone now for more information, or to make a booking 01273 698687

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